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Hello All! Are you planning to promote your business on Facebook through FB ads so you have to come to the right place to understand the Authentic Facebook Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business.

So what are Facebook ads??

Facebook ads are one of the sources of setting up your business online through running campaigns on Facebook. Today the channel of Facebook is one of the most important sources of business for both B2B and B2C markets. According to the recent data, India stands in the No: 1 position of Facebook users in world which is approximately 290 million active users which is a huge potential for marketers. So here are the 5 authentic Facebook marketing tips for business , so that they can master themselves in Facebook ads and grow their Business Online.

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  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Different Ads Sets
  • Facebook Ad Copywriting
  • Bid Strategy and Budgets
  • Lead Forms and Connection
Facebook Ads Manager
Facebook Marketing Tips


This is one of the biggest tasks of Facebook advertisement which is the target audience if you get this right your ads are going to be successful. The first important thing to understand is what is nature of your product who is going to use your product depending upon which you customize your audience according to their education, likes, the magazines they read, etc. To know more about your audience conduct market research, online survey, or else put yourself in shoes of the customer. Facebook audience insight is a great tool to boost your campaign. It is always better to know your audience before spending a lot of money rather than shooting in the dark.

Facebook Audience


One of the unique features of Facebook ads is that you can create different ad sets for different audiences according to your strategy. In other words, you can target two different kinds of an audience with two different ads so that you get better results. These types of advertisements are called A/B testing. So A/B testing is also called split testing where you can find out about which headlines, ad copy, call to action works for your audience according to which you can make your changes. This the most effective way for testing your Facebook advertisements.

A/B Testing


This strategy would determine your authenticity for Facebook marketing how creative can you be in your sales promotion. The headline of your ad must be bold, big, and promising to solve your customer satisfaction and it should have a value + CTA of less than 60 characters.  The primary text adds context to your offer, how quickly, how effectively, how easy it is. The call to action (CTA) must be promising to your customer on what you are delivering it. The visual image of your advertisement can either be a single image, video, carousel but the most important thing is that the text on images should not be more than 20% otherwise your ad will be a bit lower. The tone of the text should always be in the first person.

Facebook Ad Copywriting


The first step is to ascertain your budget for Facebook marketing so that we can understand the numbers related to marketing and sales of your business. There are two types of budgets included one is daily budget and the other is lifetime budget. A daily budget is the average amount you are going to spend each day and a lifetime budget is a budget that you are willing to spend over the entire run of your marketing campaign. In Facebook campaigns, about 60% of the budget should be invested in promoting your offer and generating those conversions and the remaining 40% should be used in retargeting the audience.

Budget Allocation


 Lead forms are used in the Facebook campaign to collect the information of their potential customers which include name, email id, phone number, etc. which helps the advertiser to follow up on these people in a proper manner. You can also connect your website or landing pages with it so that people can directly jump into your website or page and know more about the product or service you are selling. The advantage of using this technique is that it will help you to increase your website traffic and it will also help the customer directly to checkout the product page.

Lead form and Landing Page

So by summarizing the above 5 authentic Facebook marketing tips for Business it’s not at all hard or not all easy to run campaigns on Facebook it just requires lots of patience and creativity if you succeed in that you will automatically run well. Running and campaign just require a good understanding of the platform and correct targeting of the audience.

Always make a checklist of essentials points to be covered beforehand. By using the above 5 steps you will able to run a superb Facebook campaign, but always be up to date with new rules and policies of Facebook and also be up to date with new trends so that you change your strategy according to it. So that’s it from my end. Thank you so much for reading the blog!!


  – Varun Godani