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About ME

Myself Varun Godani and I am Chennai based Digital Marketer with a few months of experience in hand. I am very passionate about Digital Marketing like how you market yourself in this industry. I even love to write content and I wrote my first blog a few days back in which I have produced keyword with rich quality content that has helped me to rank better. 

My journey began in 2020 after I completed my Under Graduation in Bcom, I personally always had this interest in the marketing field basically and digital marketing was right coming into boom after all this pandemic and everything that’s when I realized the importance of digital marketing and that’s when I started learning and experimenting with different techniques in various platforms which made me understand how marketing works in the new technology world through social media advertisements, google ads and everything. When I started learning all the things were very new to me and I was super amazed like so many things can be done and especially during my automation module it was like crazy you can automate your whole business by just setting it up once. Thus I realized that you have to be up to date with new tools in the market and also the trends going in the market so that you can advertise according to that trend and so that you will connect with the audience. The mission is to help entrepreneurs to bring a change in their business.